".. the biggest lesson you will learn in business..in life.. is the power of duplication."



W.E. Da’Cruz is a thought leader in global entrepreneurship who continues to grow businesses through authenticity and advocacy for helping people across the world. Aspiring diplomat turned businesswoman, she co-founded the Virtual Global Consultant (VGC) Group in 2016, a digital marketing and project management agency that handles the back-end operations of various companies all over the world.  She started the company after struggling to find a job after graduate school and grew it to over a quarter million in revenue in her first year. W.E. is responsible for helping to generate millions of dollars a year in at-will donations and business sales for her clients, with a large concentration in Africa.

Through her company, W.E. has created global employment in underserved communities, hiring more than 30 people spanning across five continents around the world including Kenya, Ghana, Philippines, Canada, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and across the United States. She has successfully built and managed digital systems and trained her employees in the areas of administration, design, development, editorial and more in less than a year.

Ultimately, she envisions the VGC Group as a leader in championing a global consciousness, promoting an understanding that everything businesses and brands do have a global impact – from the executive level to civilians on the ground.


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