5th Annual Young African Leaders Symposium: Transforming Africa Through Partnership

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Hi Everyone!

I had the opportunity to speak on leadership and transforming Africa through partnership last weekend. I’m incredibly honored to have met some amazing people and breakthrough thinkers discussing what’s truly possible for a united Africa. This is just the beginning of many more stage appearances, so please share below your comments, thoughts and/or questions.


Here are excerpts from my speech


What’s got me on this stage today is transformation and I’m on the cutting edge of what’s truly possible for transforming African culture and have the possibility of a united Africa – 53 countries speaking one voice, the voice of unity…

I’m here to tell you today what are the key components of leadership and being a real leader:


1. The first ingredient, a true leader gives everyone a say. Not just who you like, not just the people you agree with but someone who can communicate in such a way that inspires people to go beyond their boundaries, their prejudices, their assessments, their belief systems to walk hand in hand, in partnership whether public or private with another human being 


2. Second ingredient is leadership is a mood. Your mood creates a future you live into. It’s living in a space of possibility and availability whenever called upon irrespective of how you feel at any given moment, hour, day, month, year. It’s about being the mood of yes. How many of you are yeses to life? You say yes to serving, to you counter parts, to having people in your circle winning all the time


3. Leaders duplicate. Leaders create others leaders and they do this by holding the space. A true leaders holds the space of leaders even when people stop following.

The pathway to greatest is not about having more money than anybody, though I do believe money is up there with oxygen you need enough of it to keep you breathing, it’s certainly not about all the things the world talks about. Real wealth is how many people you’re going to take with you. How many people is your life going to impact in a very powerful and profound way.


Wealth if you look at the root of the word, go back to the very beginning means well being and happiness. That’s wealth. 


Imagine that each individual, all of Africa gets to see that for themselves.

What is real happiness for you? 

It’s your own special sauce in the realm of leadership! 

What’s going to be impacted because you were here?

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