Donor fatigue sets in Zimbabwe, funding is imperative

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Source: Health Transition Fund: What now when donor fatigue sets in? – The Standard

Donor fatigue is not discriminate. It can impact any country at any time.This is especially true when governments depend heavily on donor funding, such as the case of Zimbabwe.

In this article, we learn of the miraculous story of Mery Muchero surviving the delivery of her baby by a random roadside. Fortunately for Mercy, donor support has allowed organizations such as the Health Transition Fund (HTF) to station doctors in underserved, rural areas to provide the care needed to lower maternal and child mortality rates.

But, what happens when donors experience fatigue?

Donor fatigue is caused for a number of reasons. In my previous article on Nepal, competing humanitarian crisis around the world is explained as a determining factor of donor support. In the case of Zimbabwe, however, development partners are having difficulty channeling money through the government.

Corruption in government deserves its own article, but you can imagine the challenge this creates for donors.

Organizations don’t need hundreds of donors per se. We read in this article that “five donors over the years raised in total US $158 million which supported maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH).”

For Zimbabwe, new national health strategies are needed to maintain and develop the healthcare system in the country.

I’ve begun to speak about a new free fundraising platform through SHOP.COM that I recently came across. I’m confident this platform can help organization leverage social shopping and provide donors a product or service in exchange for donations.

Donor fatigue sets in Zimbabwe. We are in need of new and innovative ways to raise funds so that we can continue to do the work needed on the ground to save lives around the world.

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