How to Get a ROB (Return on Babysitting)

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Hey friends!

Ever heard of a ROB (Return on Babysitting)? Probably not because I literally just created this terminology last week.

It’s something I been dealing with for a while in my head, so I decided to put my thoughts together into a video and share it with you.

For anyone #BirthingBabiesBuildingBusiness, this is a sure thing to think about. And what is that? Childcare?

Childcare has by far got to be the biggest “blockage” we come across in our pursuit to build business and simply live our dreams. It’s not a topic to just glide over. Childcare and situating it takes time, effort and patience.

This is something I’ve been dealing with for the last few months. Geody turned four months last week and while I never took a real maternity leave, by month three, I knew it was time for me to create the opportunity for me to get out the house more and take care of business.

The first grueling task was finding someone I could trust. Right, parents? This is one of the hardest things to do emotionally is entrust someone with the care of your child. We find referrals, ask family or friends, but even still, we are always thinking about our babies.

Thankfully, I was able to do that. God connected some dots for me and I found an amazing nanny for Geody. She is family now. I absolutely adore and love her.

So, why am I writing this blog? Well, there is more to our journey. Once you find a sitter, you start really calculating how many hours you can actually afford – right? We can get so excited that we want to book the sitter for every day of the week but is that feasible? It’s so important to remember that life is all about scaling.

So, here’s how to think about babysitting. Think about it like you would any business investment, any ROI (Return on Investment). For us, we will call it the ROB (Return on Babysitting).

  1.  Understand how long it actually takes you to get work done. How many hours do you need outside the house to complete tasks, handle meetings, network and so forth? Once you understand this number, then you can begin to calculate how many hours you can assign a babysitter. You won’t get so overwhelmed about finding someone to watch your kids every day of the week if, in actuality, you only need 2 full days of coverage.
  2. Now that you have your hours, make sure that whatever you are doing in that time, you are doing something that is going to generate you money. I’m not really a fan of going to get my hair done or nails done during hours of babysitter time because for me I feel I’m spending double the money. For instances like that, I make unreasonable requests of family or friends that I know can cover me for an hour or two to handle personal needs because there is no direct financial return on that – get what I mean?
  3. Something to consider to get in place during those hours you are paying for a babysitter is to create ways to generate some form of passive income. This point is an extension of point two, but it needs further explanation. For those who are trying to figure out how to do something that generates money, you have a few options. One option is to launch some sort of premium course of service that you can provide someone. The goal is to do something that doesn’t require you to exchange time for money. So you want to think automation and duplication. That is why setting up a course that people can opt into or create an e-commerce is a great set up for this.

I’ve gone through a world of emotions over the last few weeks figuring out this balance and reflecting on these three things above has helped me to make sense of “babysitting” and how I can leverage the opportunity to move all my goals forward. Sometimes we can get into a place where we think poorly and negatively about it because all we are focused on is how much it cost, but I no longer think about babysitting that way. I think about it the same way I think about how I make business investments.

Which makes sense right? Because we are doing all that we do to invest in our children’s lives.

Be encouraged!

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It’s time to life your BEST Life!

W.E. Da’Cruz


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