How to Avoid Being Between a Rock and a Hard Space in Business

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Culture is everything. Remember that your business will only be as good as the quality of your team, so creating the right environment that reflects your goal and your dreams is crucial. A great culture should permeate all parts of your team – from your contacts and your colleagues, to your chief adviser and your board members. Culture is everything. You have to build an inspiring culture that cultivates your team and allows them to have a voice, especially, if you are working in virtual environment. It is so important that your culture is one that people would want to come back to or thrive in, that would inspire people to be at their best, and gives them a vision that they can pursue and live towards.

At the VGC Group, we create possibilities that have no limit. The sky is not a limit – it’s just a beginning. In our meetings, we make sure that we have ice breakers where we ensure all of our team members give personal updates on what’s going on in their lives, because their lives outside work do impact the work they do for us.

New entrepreneurs, create a culture that encourages transparency, where people can be developed into leadership roles and collaborate with others, and where they all enjoy working as a team.

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