Introducing Our Firstborn: How We Got the Name “Autumn Eve”

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Screen-Shot-2014-08-20-at-3.37.10-PM The wait is finally over.

Many are wondering why my husband and I waited nearly three weeks to introduce our firstborn: Autumn Eve Ewuraesi Koofie Da’Cruz, and my response to my inquirer’s is this: Sometimes you have to stop and smell the coffee.  Like any coffee drinker, my husband and I got a wake-up call. The only exception is that our wake-up call wasn’t a hot drink merely poured into our favorite mug; rather, ours is here to stay –for life.

Autumn Eve arrived 13 days before the expected due date. Some say she came early, but we know she came just in time –and on time. While she lived in my womb for a mere nine months, it feels like we’ve known her forever. We knew almost to date when she would finally make her debut, but even still,  I knew not what to expect.

When I finally got to the hospital on the morning of the 17th, I was already five centimeters dilated. This means that Autumn Eve was already at her halfway checkpoint. I had no idea that I was in actual labor for the 48 hours leading to that point. Nonetheless, the nurses quickly got me changed and my husband, mother and myself were on our way to meeting her. Thankfully, I had an amazing doctor and wonderful nurses, so my delivery was Screen-Shot-2014-08-20-at-3.37.30-PMquick and smooth. The entire process from when I got to the hospital to the actual completion of delivery took less than six hours.

So, when did we choose her name?

Truthfully, we had an idea of the name we wanted to call her, but we weren’t 100 percent sold on the spelling. In fact, we had many variations of how we wanted to spell her name. But, it wasn’t until she was delivered and we looked at her that we were able to solidify how we would spell her name.

Autumn Eve–not Autumn, not Eve– but, Autumn Eve represents many things and her name says it all. Autumn, which represents the harvest season, and Eve, which means life, together culminates to this truth: the birthing of a new harvest. Autumn Eve has brought forth a new harvest in my life and the life our family–near and far.

As for Ewuraesi Koofie, that is her Ghanaian name. In our culture, we are named by the days of the week. Autumn Eve was born on Sunday, so her name is Esi. We added the “Ewura” part because in our culture, that means lady. So together, it says “Lady Esi”. Koofie comes from my grandmother on my mother’s side. Again, in our culture, you name the baby after a person in the family. Since my grandmother’s birthday is August 15th, it seemed to us that Autumn Eve was in a way moving her beautiful, loving spirit forward.

When we first got the news about my pregnancy, my husband and I were unsure about how a child, in this season of our lives, fit the big picture. Honestly, I was in shock and deScreen-Shot-2014-08-20-at-3.38.29-PMnial for some time. I speak in detail about the experience in my forthcoming book launching this fall, but essentially the news had me in shock. It took some time for me to see what God was doing in our lives, but since her arrival, things have gotten much clearer.

She is a precious jewel that has shown us the true beauty of life.

My husband and I have grown closer in love, we’ve launched our one-to-one internet marketing company helping people to achieve supreme health, wealth and beauty; and I’ve also been able to support individuals and organizations to be self expressed through their writing and rhetoric with my boutique communications agency. The possibilities that have been created over the past few months have been endless.

So, what have I learned?

Miracles happen in unexpected occurrences: Be open to the unexpected occurrences that happen in life and see what possibilities can be created from them. Seeds of life are sown in many different ways. Thus, your dreams are birthed in different forms and shapes.

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from allowing your dreams to grow to full-term. Nobody can abort them but you.


Let’s live life powerfully together,

W.E. Da’Cruz





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