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Many of us have dreams, goals and aspirations; and oftentimes people measure success by basing it on a person’s title. You may seek a title as a senior director, vice president or even project manager. Whatever your particular field is, field of interest or industry, there’s a title that you are after. Oftentimes, this is what either motivates you or deters you from a particular position or an experience.

Prior to the launching of the VGC group, I was really stuck in wanting to become a diplomat. That was the title that I was after in every position in every organization that I applied for. I looked at the title before I looked at the job description. Would you agree that it has applied to you as well? It is accurate for many of us who are seeking career advancement because of certain aspirations that we have in life.

However, I found out that life is not about achieving a particular title or a particular status, but instead, life is truly about an experience and a journey.

If you are more committed to a title than you are in a journey of whatever impact you’re looking to make in the world, chances are, you are after something superficial and unsubstantial.

This was a very defining question that came to my attention when I finished graduating with two masters degrees. With so many accolades, so much momentum, I still found myself after graduation with no job, no leads, and really no opportunity in sight. When I shifted my perspective, it got really clear to me that the experience that I was after was not so much wanting to be a diplomat and have that diplomat license on my car, but instead, I wanted to make a global impact around the world, meet people and support them economically and socially and become a thought leader in that space. And so the VGC group was created.

Since then, I’ve been using the VGC group as a platform to hire globally, to train globally, to impact organizations and people who are doing good things around the world. For example, we have a client that is a non-profit organization that supports orphans in Ghana. We have another client who has ministries all around the world. Through the VGC group, I’ve learned that life is not about having a title, but having an experience.

So, my question for you today is, what experience are you really after?

Are you still battling for a title of a job or position where you’ve applied for but you still can’t get? Perhaps you’re approaching your goals and aspirations from an angle that is limiting and jeopardizing you instead of exposing you to opportunities and allowing you to create the life that you want. All of us have the ability to create the life that we want. I hope you also learn what I’ve learned in business — it is not about the title, it’s about the experience. So, my call to action to you now is, loose the title and win the experience!

Go Global,

W.E. Da’Cruz

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