Modern Day Diplomacy: Everyday Prescriptions for Living in a Global Community (Part 2)

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If you find yourself reading this blog without having read the first part, please read through the primary introduction by clicking here.

For those of you who have come back to know more about Modern Day Diplomacy and the remaining prescriptions, I sincerely thank and commend you for your genuine interest in making the world a more harmonious place.

In the previous blog, we talked about the power to be as the first prescription for modern day diplomacy. It is not a quick and easy task, but one that is necessary for all men and women. Once we have mastered and habituated the power to be as unique individuals, we can now move on to the second prescription for living in a global community.

The second prescription is relatability, the power to get relatable and how to be relatable. It’s so easy to find the differences in things and look for what you don’t like or do like about someone. But if you can just get related about you identify things and ideas that connect you to the next person, that would be a big step in helping us all share in our existence.

If we can get related, we can stop treating each other like objects. People will finally stop shooting each other as if they’re just objects. You only shoot something that you cannot be with or cannot relate to, so you shoot them because they are just objects to you.

Perhaps we’re not relating enough. Perhaps we need to take off those blurry shades of gray and look through clear clouds, look through the clear sky, look through clear lenses and figure out where we did stop relating to one another. There was a time when people were all as one; there were no lines to define continents, communities, states and countries. People were just born and they would just be. They simply were there, in their existence, living life in love and harmony. Where did we lose sight of relatability?

There is still hope of regaining our relatability with each other. We can get related by simply taking a moment and identifying things that we can relate to. We are all blessed with hearts, eyes, hands and legs, so let’s find the identity of being human within each other. Let’s find that thing that makes us connected and reminds us that we are all in this world together. 

The third prescription to live in a global community would be love. Love, in Webster’s dictionary, is defined as “a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties, maternal love for a child, attraction based on sexual desire, affection based on admiration, or common interest”. When did we selfishly move away from the spirit of love? 

Nowadays, most people are already rooted in something other than love. For some reason, something happened that shifted the spirit of love among people, where they now acquire or wear the spirit of entitlement which makes them think that they are better than others.

But we can get rooted in love again. Ask yourself, what is it that you truly love to do, what is it that you like, what is it that makes you happy, what is it that brings you joy, brings you a smile, that makes you feel walking in love? Those are the things that you need to focus on and then those are the things you need to find in others so that you can get related.

My fourth and last prescription would be forgiveness. Similar to love, we’ve walked further and further way from the possibility of forgiveness. The possibility that you may not think the same way as I do and I may not think the same way as you do, but I forgive you for not understanding me and my perspective and judging me; I forgive you because I forgive myself for not being able to do the same thing.

When did we walk away from forgiveness? It is not to say that we want to forgive everything, but what if we make it a have to? A prescription of forgiveness that will enable us to live in a community, in unity with others, because they, too, are just being. In their existence, they, too, are doing their best to get related; they, too, are finding their root in love; and now with this prescription, they, too, want to forgive the times that we cannot do either. Because of forgiveness, people will be reminded, that even in our differences, we are all the same.

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