The Power of Three: A Mother’s Tribute to Her 3 Year Old Daughter

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Today marks a very special day. It’s my daughters 3rd birthday. I’ve toiled all day with how to honor her, but I finally decided to write a tribute reflecting on what she’s selfishly given me as a daughter over the last three years. Maybe one day, she’ll stumble upon this piece on the web, but for now, I pray my words bless her spirit as she lays across from me peacefully sound asleep.

I think it’s only right to begin with “How We Got the Name Autumn Eve”.  I wrote a full blog about this shortly after her birth, so please click here to read the entire blog, but in short, her name Autumn Eve means the birth of our harvest. Autumn represents a season of harvest and Eve in Hebrew means birth. My daughter was born during a time in my life when things felt and looked dry. Everything was unknown and there was so much uncertainty. My husband and I learned of her coming only four months after getting married and we were far from ready emotionally, spiritually or financially to welcome a baby into our lives. While her birth came to me as a shock and for a season – denial – I learned by the time of her birth that her being represented the birth of our harvest.

What do I mean?

Every now and then, something or someone comes into your life as a representation of what is to come. They serve as a reminder that where you are is not the final destination. They serve as a reminder that where you are – currently – is different from where you are going. Autumn Eve was that for my husband and I.

Every time I called her name, it was a reminder that the best was yet to come, that the sacrifices being made behind the scenes was getting ready to bring forth our harvest. Now, to be honest, this manifestation of a “harvest” was not immediate.


Our first year as parents we had to move back to my mother’s house, we lived off of government support and the support of our family and friends while I persevered through completing my dual master’s degree and my husband navigating the sometimes ugliness of the “work-world.”

It was during this time that my awareness for business developed. Till this day, I believe my daughter brought me the company I co-founded, Virtual Global Consultant Group.  Hearing countless no’s one job application after the other, even with a solid resume of experiences and most importantly passion, I became clear that if I didn’t create an opportunity for myself, I would be closing doors of opportunities for my daughter.  I remember vividly not being able to buy over the counter medicine like baby Tylenol when she was sick let alone afford to buy her clothing and food. I remember standing at the grocery store with WIC slips, purchasing her formula and any other item I was eligible for. I remember being embarrassed holding up the line for the cashier to ensure I was purchasing the right items on the WIC list. I remember the humility I learned in that season (and I am forever grateful). I remember the snickering by some “friends” and “family” who questioned my choices because they saw my struggle after getting married and having a baby – stating that I had ruined my life and good future.

I was in a do or die situation, and I wasn’t ready to die – so I got into action.

Three years later, I feel a sense of completeness. Completeness in one cycle of my life and the beginning of another. Spiritually, when I look at the power of 3, it is very significant. Accordingly to

Jesus prayed three times in the Garden of Gethsemane before His arrest. He was placed on the cross at the 3rd hour of the day (9 a.m.) and died at the 9th hour (3 p.m.). There were 3 hours of darkness that covered the land while Jesus was suffering on the cross from the 6th hour to the 9th hour. Three is the number of resurrection. Christ was dead for three full days and three full nights, a total of 72 hours, before being resurrected on Saturday, April 8, just before sunset.

After reflecting on this, I became clear that my recent feeling of completeness is the process of resurrection. I feel resurrected. The last three years was truly a silent season in my life where God purged me to build me up and unlike anytime before now in my life, I feel resurrected. Over the last three years, I’ve gone from having a baby, graduating with my dual master’s, to living on government support, to unemployment, to contractual work, to launching a company that in one year has grossed a quarter million in business and has employed more then 30 people around the world.

For that and more, I celebrate my Autumn Eve. I celebrate her birth and her life.

So excited we had the opportunity this year to celebrate her birthday with the celebration of our gender reveal party. Autumn Eve is going to be a big sister to a baby brother. Just as Autumn Eve birthed something in our lives, I believe our baby boy is bringing forth the next manifestation of our harvest as a family committed to impacting the world and being a vessel of God’s light.

May God continue to bless you and your family and my prayer is that this personal blog posted has inspired you to keep going in life.

Sometimes you just have to be patient for your circumstances to catch up to your consciousness.



With Love,

W.E. Da’Cruz



One thought on “The Power of Three: A Mother’s Tribute to Her 3 Year Old Daughter

  1. Sis. This blog post is great. Autumn Eve truly has been a blessing. Her presence has brought the family great joy and excitement. As I reflect on the past 3 years since AE was born, God truly has shown himself real in so many ways. He’s brought you from difficult times to better days. May you continue to honor him with your life and he will continue to bless you richly.

    Love you sis. And happy birthday again to my wonderful niece.


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