When I Stopped Thinking Small, Is When I Started Living Big

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Ever felt belittled about not having a certain job or being able to get a job? Well, the good thing is times are changing and the way people see jobs is taking a turn – for what I believe after going through my own experiences – for the good.

Watch this video of How I Go From Not Getting a Job to Creating Jobs! Because when I stopped thinking small is when I started living big! This is the truth about Failure and

So what is failure? Failure is only feedback.   This is the truth about failure and why you’ll want more of it. Read on.

Wrong action is better than no action. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, it’s important to be flexible – this means that you also have to be open to making mistakes. Committing an error is still better than taking no action at all because when you do make a mistake, you get to learn through feedback and experience. You’ll know what’s working and what’s not. As a new entrepreneur, you are in for a roller coaster ride because everything is new, and you are beginning to build a foundation for your business. You may be excited, as many new entrepreneurs are, but may have not necessarily gained knowledge or wisdom because these only come from going through the process – which includes learning from mistakes. Again, wrong action is still better than no action.  It’s like being in a basketball game – you have more power when you’re actually on court playing, versus just being on the sideline as a commentator or spectator. There’s still something powerful about having a ball in your hand and continuing to take shots even if you miss some.

New and aspiring entrepreneurs, in business, it is important that you are always in action. There’s no replacement for life experience, for going through the process of learning. Yes, you can read all the books on business that you want and even have all the mentorship you can get. But impact only happens the moment you get on that court.

Failure is only feedback.  I believe that there is no such thing as failure. After you drop the ball, you just pick it up and keep moving. It’s important to have a broader perspective on failure because once you get back up, you have everything to gain. It gives you points for action, as well as valuable insight you may not have picked up before. You are actually in a great position when you fail because it gives you insight on what is not working – and so you either don’t do it again or tweak it.  As a new entrepreneur, you have to be ready to accept failure. Then get excited about it! If you’re coming in thinking you’re going to get instant good results, ask anybody from Starbucks to McDonald’s, to app developers and Instagram, and they’ll tell you that they’ve had their own share of failures – even when they hit their milestones. Even at the point of progress you may experience failure on some level, so just get ready and expect it. Accept it as a reality and know that failure does not have to be the end. It’s just an objection, and a form of feedback.



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