Thrift African Print (TAP)

Thrift African Print (TAP), is the first and only online destination for new and pre-loved, gently used, affordable African-made and inspired clothing and designs for men, women and children.

I was first introduced to thrifting by my husband about three years ago when we underwent some financial challenges as newlyweds and new parents. One morning, he said he wanted to take me on a shopping spree. I looked at him, confused, knowing we had no disposable income for a “shopping spree” or any shopping at that. I sat quietly and anxiously in the car as he drove us to a Salvation Army location in Trenton, New Jersey. Upon walking in, I wanted to walk back out immediately, but my husband encouraged me to give it a chance. We ended up spending hours at the store and left with more than 60 items of clothing, including major name brands, all for under $300 dollars. That trip saved us a lot of money and we didn’t shop again for two years, until we finally were able to grow our income as a family.

 That experience, coupled with my love for going into my mother’s and sister’s closets to get new stuff to wear (particularly African-made clothing) as another alternative to shopping on zero income, is the inspiration for TAP.

Thrift shopping at affordable prices gave me the assurance and confidence to feel whole and fulfilled during a very dry and challenging season in my life; while access to my mother’s closet gave me the comfort that my culture and African roots was a foundation I could firmly stand on in any life circumstance.

The evolution of TAP started when I decided to post a few of my African-made dresses for sale online. At that time, I was moving to a new home and I was letting go of some African-made clothes that I no longer needed. Busy with the move, I had already forgotten about my postings when I received an email that one item had been sold. I was so excited about the sale that I shared it with my family, who then asked me, “Can you sell my African-made clothing too? I have a ton I don’t wear or need anymore that are still in good shape.”

I totally accepted the challenge and because of it, TAP was born. I saw that this small life experience was a large opportunity to make a huge impact in the world. As a Ghanaian-American, I believe that TAP can be the gateway for people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to literally TAP into the African culture. Through TAP, people from all over the world can be able to see, appreciate, and purchase African clothing and wear them with joy.

TAP not only supports African culture, but it also supports the economy by enabling every day people like you and me to TAP into additional streams of income by selling gently used clothing through this amazing platform.

Today, I am more than thrilled to share with you the beta version of this platform in effort to spread the word and get valuable feedback, as we work behind the scenes to build the full platform for its official launch in 2018. Click here to SHOP NOW!

Till then, let’s TAP together!