You Literally Played Your Cards Right And Still “Failed/Lost”

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You literally played the game by the books and still feel like you failed. Your played your cards right, but still lost. You went to school on scholarships like your parents asked for. You got straight As and were on the Dean’s List. You did a ton of internships at some big named companies, and yet still, no job. Nobody would hire you after graduation.

Maybe that’s your story too. Here’s a short video about my journey.

Or maybe, you can relate when it comes to a relationship. You did everything your significant other wanted and after years of submission, s/he dumped you.

The principle I learned on my journey to entrepreneurship is relatable for anyone going through experiences where they feel, they’ve still failed even when they played their cards right.

Where there is flexibility, there is power. I heard this from my coach and mentor. Most entrepreneurs start their careers with an idea of how they think things will happen. We want to control how we want things to develop. But the truth of the matter is that it’s not until you get right into it that you realize that everything you thought about may not happen the way you’d expected. It is therefore important to be flexible throughout the process. You have to remember that it’s a journey;  you will never arrive; there is no final destination. There are times after marking a milestone when you’d have to figure out your next step right at that moment – and so it is important as an entrepreneur to be flexible, for there is power in your flexibility. Your clients, your partners, your colleague and your team members are going to challenge you and hopefully broaden your perspective of business. By being flexible, you enable yourself and your team to really look after your business and take it to the next level.

There is no final destination. No matter how many business plans you’ve developed, goals you’ve set, tasks you’ve listed down, your vision will always be to elevate as you accomplish each milestone. Right? Everything is a process, and once you’ve acknowledged this reality, you save yourself from unnecessary disappointment caused by false expectations. The truth is that there is just no way of knowing outcomes for sure – you take it one small (or big) step at a time. It’s a journey, and you will take it step by step – and at each level, you learn something new, something different, and you become more excited to create new possibilities.

Take for instance how and why I started the Virtual Global Consultant Group. There were a series of unforeseen circumstances that required flexibility on my part about how I planned to pursue my dreams and goals.

All I want to do in life is literally fund my own youth development initiatives in Africa and empower children around the world through education and resources with my family. That’s it. No to shabby right?

I became really clear very quickly that there was no job that could hold such a large vision and dream, so I got into action around how to create one for myself. I’ll share more of my journey throughout my blogs, but cheers to a start.

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Go Global,

W.E. Da’Cruz

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